Humi vs. ADP — Why we win:

Our easy-to-use product and top-notch support team.

With Humi, you’ll get a user-friendly solution that makes payroll, HR, and benefits a breeze – but if there's something you need help with, you'll have a dedicated support team by your side.

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Why people choose us over ADP:
Our platform is intuitive.

Your team will actually want to use our sleek, user-friendly platform.

Our support team really cares about you.

Think of them as an extension of your team – always ready to help out.

We offer month-to-month billing.

We know flexibility matters, so we won't lock you into a contract.

“The team that I met with at Humi, I felt they went the extra mile… It was that personal touch, that customization, that hand holding. I’m by no means a tech specialist, so to have somebody that held our hands when going live, the deployment, all of those pieces I think really spoke to Humi versus going with a bigger organization like an ADP or Ceridian, or even considering to stay with our previous provider where there wasn’t that holistic viewpoint.”


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Our platform is intuitive.

No clunky, complicated software here. Watch employee adoption rates skyrocket with our user-friendly platform that both your employees and admins will actually want to use.

Our support team really cares about you.

We get the frustration of not being able to reach customer support– that’s why at Humi, our customer experience team is always ready to help you with any question or issue you have. 

We offer month-to-month billing.

ADP typically goes for longer, fixed contracts. But we get that business can be unpredictable, so we offer month-to-month billing, giving you the flexibility to change things up as needed.

Something to consider...

We’ll be the first to tell you: ADP is built for enterprise companies, whereas our product is built to support small and medium sized Canadian businesses. While they might have deeper functionality, we offer a better user experience with more flexibility.

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Humi ADP
Robust recruiting module to intake and organize applicants
Indeed integration
Housed with benefits and HR
Managed Payroll service
Housed with payroll and HR
Built for Canadian market, with better plans and prices
Built Plus service
Marketplace with exclusive pricing on additional health, legal, and financial providers
Time Tracking
Track, approve, and report on hours worked
Anonymous surveys, 1:1 reviews, flexible review formats