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September 2022

Who is Acclaim Ability Management?

Creating a healthy workplace in today’s demanding work environment is no easy task. However, the benefits of doing so are priceless: improved productivity, reduced healthcare costs, and increased employee retention and company morale, to name a few. Acclaim Ability Management is a national organization that has strived for healthy workplaces for decades; they work with companies to ensure their most valuable assets, their people, feel secure and protected in the workplace. 

Who they are

Acclaim Ability Management’s goal is to work with employers, insurance companies, the legal community, and government programs across Canada to ensure all workers – but especially those impacted by illness, injury, and/or disease – have a safe and healthy workplace.

Acclaim understands that both external and internal factors need to be addressed and mitigated in order to successfully implement a disability management program for employees. Their team of highly trained staff are able to identify and work through medical and non-medical factors affecting an employee’s recovery; they also leverage technology by using their Acctrak case management system to predict when and how long an employee will go on disability, and they develop customized return-to-work programs accordingly. 

Acclaim works coast to coast to ensure all Canadians have access to their services. They pride themselves in having the tools and talent to help support organizations of all sizes and sectors to find the best and most sustainable solution to ability management.

Acclaim and mental health

Mental health is an increasing concern for employees – in fact, mental health issues and illnesses account for approximately 40% of all short-term disability claims. Whether as the primary diagnosis or a secondary condition, mental health issues have been amplified post-pandemic, and as a result of day-to-day stressors and fast-paced living. These barriers have made a direct impact on many individuals' ability to transition back to work in a safe and timely manner. 

Acclaim has adapted to the growing demands of mental health by partnering up with organizations that provide counseling services both virtually and in-person, such as Inkblot Therapy, WorkHealth, and Specialist First. They also have in-house psychologists and psychiatrists who work with an employee’s treating health practitioner in assessing and providing effective treatment options and bypassing lengthy wait times.

Their approach

Acclaim’s approach focuses on the individual: they work closely with each employee to assess specific circumstances and create a plan uniquely suited to their situation.

Their Ability Management Services are characterized by early intervention, meaning their case managers (better known as Ability Management Consultants) are involved with employees immediately upon a reported absence due to impairment. This accelerates the recovery process by ensuring treatment is received promptly, communication with treating physicians is facilitated, health issues are addressed, objective assessments are performed as needed, and corporate absenteeism policies are adhered to. The accelerated recovery process increases employees’ chances of returning to work as quickly, and more importantly, safely as possible. 

Program objectives

·   Provide employees with a consistent, supportive program to manage all disability-related matters

·   Restore health and productivity through early identification and resolution of health issues (physical and/or mental)

·   Prevent re-occurrence of injury or illness through wellness initiatives and individual education

·   Help employees return to work with proper planning and follow-through

·   Manage disability-related costs and create savings for our clients

Program benefits

·   Decreases workplace turnover while increasing morale and productivity

·   Reduces absenteeism and workplace injuries

·   Reduces the many direct and indirect costs associated with occupational and non-occupational absences

·   Uses a consensus approach to build support amongst all stakeholders: management, unions, EAP, occupational health and safety/wellness teams, and employees.

Want to speak with someone directly? 

We’re here for you. Reach out to us at for additional assistance.

Want to speak with someone directly? 

We’re here for you. Reach out to us at for additional assistance.

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