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May 2022

Overindulgence and substance use disorder (SUD) – How ALAViDA can help

We’ve all indulged a little more over the last few years being stuck in our homes, and for some this has meant an increase in substance use. In fact, there has been a 19% increase in alcohol consumption among Canadians since the start of the pandemic. 

While most things are okay in moderation, it’s important we understand the effects overindulgence can have on our people, and ALAViDA is here to help educate and provide a solution for those struggling. 

Who Is Alavida?

ALAViDA is a one-stop-shop for those struggling with any level of substance use disorder, whether it be alcohol or drugs. It's a modern approach for all employees, whether they want to be proactive about their health, or are facing mild, moderate, or severe challenges – no awkward conversations, no shame, and 100% confidential. 

Through ALAViDA, your employees can access on-demand prevention, treatment, aftercare, and family support for substance use, right from their smartphone. Coaching, therapy, and medical care are provided by licensed practitioners specialized in addiction. With the help of medical doctors, technology, and a therapeutic team, 91% of employees being treated by ALAViDA continue to stay at work amidst their struggles. 

Substance use disorder (SUD)

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a mental disorder that affects a person's brain and behavior, leading their inability to control their use of substances such as legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, and/or medications.

Substance use disorder (SUD) affects 21% of Canadians, yet it largely goes untreated. Alcohol is the third leading risk factor for death and disability across the globe but does not receive the treatment or attention compared to other illnesses. 

It can take up to two decades for a struggling employee to go off on disability, which can translate to loss of productivity, presenteeism, and absenteeism for members and your organization. Of the Individuals who use Alavida, 82.5% report regaining control of their substance use in the first 6 months. 

How Alavida can help your employees

10% of employees and dependents have a substance use disorder, but only 10% get support. Loss of production from employees that struggle with a substance use disorder account for $15.7 Billion in Canada. By providing ALAViDA’s program to your people, you can help them be proactive in pursuing a healthy and happy lifestyle, so they can continue to do great work. 

The ALAViDA app helps employees follow their own progress and receive realtime feedback from their care team. It’s a flexible program that empowers individuals to take their care into their own hands all while continuing to work. When people are forced to take time off for substance use, they often tend to fall into boredom, loss of purpose, and embarrassment which can lead to increased substance abuse. By allowing people to continue to work, the theory is that they will have less opportunities to use substances or the frequency will be less. 

As an employer, you will receive comprehensive reporting on treatment outcome data so that you know that your employees are receiving the treatment they need. They will also show how this treatment translates into cost saving for your company.

Your team deserves incredible care. Support them with a pre-disability and return-to-work substance use program that, well… works.

Is ALAViDA right for you?

If you are looking to bolster your virtual care, mental health support and/or employee family assistance program, ALAViDA can be a great solution. It’s also an opportunity for a company that does not have a short-term disability program to offer affordable, effective help. 

To learn more about ALAViDA’s partnership with Humi, head to their website

*Stats provided by ALAViDA.

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