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March 2022

Legal services accessible anytime, anywhere, for any issue

Trying to understand the legal system, and looking for direction and resources can be daunting and stressful for the average person or business owner. The good news? You’re not alone in your search for clarity and guidance. Even better news? Our friends over at My Friendly Lawyer want to help with the small and big questions. 

My Friendly Lawyer has garnered a network of lawyers across the country, knowledgeable in all areas of practice from Employment Law to Immigration, to answer your questions and offer you the advice you’re digging for on Google. Basically, it’s the accessible legal help of your dreams at a price point that works. 

Questions about employment? They can help with that. Opening a numbered company?  They can help with that. What about contracts with suppliers or clients? You get it. Read on to learn more about your options and how My Friendly Lawyer can help. 

Addressing a real problem

Multiple studies have found that neglecting our legal issues can lead to additional legal, social, financial, and health related problems that affect poor performance at work. Based on the Everyday Legal Problems and Cost of Justice in Canada Report, it was found that:

On average, it costs Canadians $6,000 to resolve a legal issue, meaning…

  • This totals to approx. $7.7 billion per year or $23 billion over three years 
  • It’s almost 3X as much as Canadians spent on out of pocket health care ($2,285)
  • 51% of people with unresolved legal issues experienced stress or emotional issues
  • The added annual costs related to receiving social assistance, a loss of employment, and physical and mental health issues represent major annual costs to Canada, amounting to a combined total of approximately $800 million

The simple solution

You may not be able to ignore the legal issue you face or the legally binding contract you need to send out, but knowing you can access over 1,000 lawyers in Canada will definitely relieve some stress. The focus is on preventative and early intervention at a low cost. Here's how using My Friendly Lawyer can assist:

1. Access to a 24/7 legal hotline 

With a one-time yearly fee, you can reach out as many times as you want for advice on legal matters. The services allow you to foster a great relationship with your assigned lawyer and schedule appointments that work best for you. 

You may have a simple question, or you could have a complicated issue that requires a longer conversation. Either way, you can feel at ease knowing there are no time caps on phone calls and no hefty bill to worry about.

2. Legal support for you and your loved ones

You may not be the only person in your household with a legal question, as many Canadians over 18 will experience at least one civil or family justice problem over any given 3-year period. The support at My Friendly Lawyer can also be accessed by your spouse and dependants that are living with you. 

Having access to lawyers with at least five years’ experience at your fingertips is the best resource to stop problems in their tracks rather than allowing them to take up space in your head. You have a doctor you can call when you have a health concern – why not have the same accessibility for legal assistance?

Humi clients receive 10% off when subscribing via promo code =  "HUMI10". Sign up here. For more information, reach out to My Friendly Lawyer directly at or visit their website.

Want to speak with someone directly? 

We’re here for you. Reach out to us at for additional assistance.

Beyond Benefits
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