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April 2023

How Advica Health can help support employee retention

How it started 

Advica Health was founded in 2007 by Kevin Brady, and originally fell under the name Royal VIP Health Options. It was a supplementary business to Brady’s successful benefits consulting firm, Brady Financial Group. 

Royal VIP Health Options was designed to help executives navigate the healthcare system more efficiently and get timely access to healthcare. In 2010, the organization separated from Brady’s benefits firm and rebranded to Advica Health – the thought behind the name was that they are “advocates for your health”. In this same year, they began supporting employee groups with their services instead of just executive members. 

Advica’s mission is to provide their members Expert Navigation and Personalized Healthcare Solutions so they can lead healthy and happy lives.

How it’s going

At its core, Advica Health is a Health Navigation service. Put plainly, they help their members access the best and fastest healthcare options in Canada. Advica uses the public and private health systems to find the very best health solutions for their members. 

The five core services Advica offers are: Health Navigation, Medical Concierge, 24/7 Virtual Healthcare, Mental Health Navigation, and Virtual Second Opinion.

Why use Advica?

Employee retention is a top priority for many companies – and with that, employee health benefits. Keeping this in mind, here are a few quick facts that lend to the impact Advica Health can have on employees’ health:

  • Benefits Canada Survey indicated that Health Navigation was a top-5 priority in 2022.
  • Canada faces some of the longest wait times out of any developed country for healthcare; on average, a patient waits 27.5 weeks from when they see their doctor to when they recieve treatment.
  • On average, Advica decreases waiting times by 65 days versus the public health system.

Advica Health helps with employee retention

Successful companies make employee health a strategic priority. Many companies might say that employee health is a priority, however, they might not back it up with the proper health support. Having an all-encompassing Benefits program with the best health support for employees is an amazing tool for attraction and retention of employees. 

What makes Advica Health different from other healthcare navigation companies in the marketplace?

Advica is the only company in Canada that will put all health supports under one umbrella. This includes health navigation, virtual health, second opinion services, mental health support and access to a network of over 250 providers.

Why do senior leaders need to put more emphasis on health for not only themselves, but their employees?

Everyone leans on on the leaders of an organization, so it’s important that they have the necessary health supports in place to look after themselves – then they can be a viable leader for the rest of their team. But when it comes to their employees, supporting employee health can help to drive down costs as it gives employees access to the best health supports when they need it. This can drive down costs for things like disability, health claims, and absenteeism.

To learn more about Advica Health, visit their website.

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