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The practice of HR is broken: Dismantling beliefs of modern HR

What do you think of when someone mentions HR? If you’re stuck on the hiring and firing of employees, it’s time to shift your mindset. Businesses are changing the way they operate and now more than ever, they’re putting people first. Christine Song, Chief People Officer at Notch, and Humi’s very own Director of People Operations, Andrea Bartlett, are here to help you navigate today’s world of HR. 

Together, we’re inviting you to hit us with your questions, whether you’re on the leadership team, an employee that works closely with HR, or an employee who isn’t entirely sure about what modern day HR looks like. 

In this live event, you will:

  • Learn about how the role of HR has evolved to be more of a strategic business partner
  • Get honest answers to questions about why your HR department functions the way it does
  • Have a better understanding of how the pandemic has impacted HR
  • Debunk myths about modern HR with two HR leaders at the forefront of it
  • Be given a framework to re-think the field of HR
  • Get a better understanding of why there’s a movement towards people operations vs traditional “HR” or “human capital management” (HCM)
Christine Song
Andrea Bartlett
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10:44 am
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About the Speakers

Christine Song

Christine Song, Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) and an active member of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), is the Chief People Officer at Notch. She’s also the Founder of TopscaleHR, a boutique HR consulting firm, focused on helping tech startups scale by implementing people strategies that work for fast-growth companies. She works closely with Founders and CEOs that need the expertise of HR leadership and people programs but currently don’t have that leadership role in place at their company.

Christine has over 16 years of progressive HR and operations experience working in diverse industries from large corporate environments to smaller early-stage tech startups where she spent the last 7 years as an HR executive working with leadership teams to implement effective people strategies.Outside of her time recruiting and developing people, she is also an Advisory Board member for Aboard, as well as a Co-organizer for the DisruptHR Vaughan chapter.

Andrea Bartlett

Andrea is the Vice President of People at Humi. She has been a part of leadership teams in commodity trading, private equity, and in 2019, she oversaw global HR at a biopharmaceutical company during IPO. She holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.

Andrea has worked with different leaders and leadership styles and even more HR systems. She spends her time at Humi sharing this knowledge to build a world-class product, and coaching our team in HR best practices as we scale.