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Navigating the Legal Implications of COVID-19

COVID-19 has completely altered the working landscape, and almost every Canadian business has undergone massive operational changes in the last seven days. Some companies have been forced to layoff employees, while most have quickly built policies to address the rapidly changing situation. The employment lawyers at Turnpenney Milne LLP have been on the front lines helping businesses throughout and will join us to help you navigate these trying times.
What you’ll learn

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on the Canadian workforce and economy, putting employers and employees in the position of having to figure out their legal obligations and protections in a rapidly changing and uncertain time.

Nathaniel Marshall, a lawyer with Turnpenny Milne LLP, a nationally recognized boutique law firm specializing in workplace law, will canvass a number of legal issues that have arisen with recent developments to provide some guidance to employers and employees about some of their legal rights and obligations relating to COVID-19.

Specifically, Nathaniel will speak to Ontario’s provincially regulated and non-unionized workplaces. Please be advised that this webinar is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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Nathaniel Marshall
Simon Bourgeois
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About the Speakers
Nathaniel Marshall

Nathaniel practices in all areas of employment and labour law, regularly advising on workplace investigations, employment contracts, human rights issues, occupational health and safety, terminations, wrongful dismissals and workplace policies.

Simon Bourgeois

Simon is one of two CEOs at Humi. He spent years working at an investment bank throughout the last financial crisis before shifting to tech in 2012; a founder at OneLocal before co-founding Humi in 2016. Through both businesses, he has focused on everything from sales to finance, and spends his time trying to navigate changes and challenges like COVID-19 at Humi.