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How to build salary bands for the first time at your company

Pay transparency and pay equity have been hot topics of conversation in workplaces in the past few years. Salary bands are one way companies are approaching things – but if your company has never used salary bands before, where do you begin? Trisha Neogi, Compensation Lead at Bright+Early, and Humi’s very own VP of People, Andrea Bartlett, are here to help.

Tune in to learn the what, why, and how of setting up salary bands for the first time at your company.

In this webinar, you will: 

  • Identify the benefits of setting up salary bands 
  • Learn the key factors that should be considered when setting up salary bands 
  • Develop a plan to setting up salary bands for the first time
  • Understand the need to regularly review and update salary bands to ensure that they remain relevant and competitive
Trisha Neogi
Andrea Bartlett
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1:00 pm
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About the Speakers

Trisha Neogi

Trisha Neogi is a Senior HR Consultant and Compensation Lead at Bright + Early. Taking the approach of modern HR, Trisha leverages her passion for inclusive design and her data-driven mindset to understand how people work, collaborate, and find validation in their roles.

As Bright + Early's resident Compensation Lead, Trisha has developed their proprietary methodology for approaching pay for early-stage organizations. In addition to her consulting work, Trisha trains the B+E team on all things pay and is a frequent speaker on designing equitable compensation strategies.

Andrea Bartlett

Andrea is the Vice President of People at Humi. She has been a part of leadership teams in commodity trading, private equity, and in 2019, she oversaw global HR at a biopharmaceutical company during IPO. She holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.

Andrea has worked with different leaders and leadership styles and even more HR systems. She spends her time at Humi sharing this knowledge to build a world-class product, and coaching our team in HR best practices as we scale.