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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: How to Create Sustainable Change

Now more than ever, diversity and inclusion are becoming a priority for employers. But some aren't sure where to start and some are wondering how they can continue to create and sustain inclusion past their initial efforts. That's why we're bringing in Raia 'Coach' Carey, a D&I expert, who trains organizations across Canada. Join us on September 22nd at 2PM EST to learn what actionable steps you can take to create (and sustain) an inclusive workplace.
What you’ll learn
  • A breakdown of the four dimensions of systemic racism
  • An overview of some foundational (and often misunderstood) terms – diversity, inclusion, equality, and equity
  • What work you can do to create sustainable change as an employer
  • Actionable next steps to creating an inclusive workplace
  • Answers to any questions that you send in!
Raia 'Coach' Carey
Simon Bourgeois
Date & Time
2:00 pm
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About the Speakers
Raia 'Coach' Carey

Coming to face to face with adversity, racism and exclusion while growing up had a significant impact on my perspective. While it certainly affected my emotions, I wondered what the thought process was behind the harmful actions of all oppressors. I would ask myself, “How does this impact them?” That particular way of thinking is what sparked my interest in psychology, which I majored in at Concordia University. However, I quickly realized that the program encouraged looking at scenarios through a black and white lens, and I’ve always preferred to acknowledge and recognize the grey area. I wanted to find a way to take action at the root cause. A passion for Black history was embedded in my heart at a young age as my mother, Rosemary Sadlier, was the president of the Ontario Black History Society for over 25 years.  The combination of my activism, curiosity and desire to leave a meaningful impact in every room, led me to DNI consulting. Not only am I able to educate, empower and ignite purposeful change, but I’m also able to lead from a place of love.

Simon Bourgeois

Simon is one of two CEOs at Humi. He spent years working at an investment bank throughout the last financial crisis before shifting to tech in 2012; a founder at OneLocal before co-founding Humi in 2016. Through both businesses, he has focused on everything from sales to finance, and spends his time trying to navigate changes and challenges like COVID-19 at Humi.