Time Tracking is here!

We heard our clients loud and clear – being able to easily submit, track, and approve hours is a key piece of the digital employee experience that you need.

Which is why we’re so excited to announce that Time Tracking is here! Another part of the employee experience, now simplified by Humi. Here’s how.

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Track time effortlessly.

Keeping track of how you spend your time can quickly become chaotic. From sticky notes, to notebooks, to spreadsheets, and even different softwares, everybody’s method of madness is a bit different. Bring order to the chaos with one platform to manage all your time tracking needs, all in the same place as the rest of your employee data.

Capture timesheets without having to manually log hours into spreadsheets, toggle between platforms, or dig through emails. Employees submit hours in Humi, and managers can approve in one click, or edit and submit hours on the employee’s behalf. It’s a smooth experience for everyone!

Ensure all hours are accounted for.

Tired of having to chase down employees to submit their hours, constantly following up on timesheet submissions and approvals, or realizing there’s entries that've been missed? Shout out to all the managers, supervisors, and admins that work to stay on top of it all (you know who you are!). We hear you, and we’ve built Time Tracking to make your processes easier.

Make time tracking a staple part of your team’s workflow. We’ll send automatic reminders based on the deadlines you create, so timesheets get submitted and approved on time, every time. And with timesheets available on browsers via desktop, mobile, or tablet, employees can log hours from the device that works best for them.

Get the data you need.

There’s already a lot that you have to stay on top of –  keeping track of employee hours doesn’t have to be one of them. Are you struggling with tracking employee hours worked for payroll, wondering how much of your employee resourcing is actually taking up your project budget, or having trouble knowing how much you actually need to bill your clients?

With Time Tracking, you can tie submitted hours to projects and clients, then use custom reporting to help you stay on top of timelines, budgets, and billable hours. And with our payroll integration, you can automatically sync hours to Payroll for a more efficient and accurate run payroll experience.

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