Wrapping up another year. How are you celebrating your people?

November 29, 2021

As we wrap up another great year, it’s time to recognize our team for their hard work and bring everyone together to celebrate.  

Beyond the classic holiday party or year-end bonuses, there are plenty of innovative ways to recognize employees and raise excitement for the upcoming year. To help you really make this one to remember, here are some ways you can thank your people for all they’ve done to make 2021 a success. 

Hold an awards ceremony 

You’ve spent the last 12 months tracking your people’s performance and are approaching the final stretch to reach your 2021 goals. How are you keeping everyone motivated to drive that momentum into 2022?

Your team members want to be recognized for their efforts and company-facing events are the perfect place to make that happen. There’s nothing like a good ol’ award ceremony, especially with a few fun, personalized categories to have a good laugh and bond over this year’s accomplishments. Last year here at Humi, we hosted a virtual award ceremony where Humigos voted for their teammates in a number of categories that highlighted their efforts, top qualities, and dedication to the business. Winners received rewards such as additional time off, gift cards, gadgets, and in some cases, bragging rights. 

It's important to make sure that your awards align with the behaviours that are important to reinforce at your company. Especially with the pandemic changing the way we work, check in on what awards you're featuring this year.

Send out personalized, local gifts 

Gift boxes are the perfect thank you and a double win when you shop local. In addition to sending out personalized birthday treats to Humigos on their special day, we put together care baskets filled with locally sourced treats and goodies to deliver around the holidays. 

For a personal touch, top the gift off with a handwritten letter to each of your team members, calling out their unique contributions and achievements. For a virtual spin on personalized recognition, send a personalized, pre-scheduled video thanking your team members for their contributions this year. 

Winter swag

In the midst of colder days, what better way to get your people excited than by gearing them up with winter swag? Swag gives your team that physical connection between people and brand that is so important in the age of remote work. 

Think winter essentials like hoodies, blankets, and tumblers, all the way to self-care items like custom personal protective equipment (PPE) and skincare items. Company swag that promotes and caters to employees’ self-care specifically is also often overlooked, when it’s a great way to remind your team that you care about their overall well-being. 

In addition to seasonal swag, consider recognizing employee life milestones with branded goodies. Humi swag for Baby-migos are always a hit – we love a good onesie!

Give back

Giving back to your community has the potential to be the most rewarding gift to your team. It can be tough deciding where or what to support as a business, but there are plenty of Canadian charities and initiatives supporting those heavily impacted by the pandemic that are worth looking into. Get together with senior leadership, discuss where you’d like to give back and how it aligns with your company EDI or CSR strategy, and consider making a charitable donation in your team’s name. 

If you’re in need of some ideas, Canada Helps has sorted charities based on initiative, so you can seek out causes specific to your area:

Introduce flexible work hours 

Coming out of a strange year of doubling down and adjusting to new means of work has been a challenge, in addition to the end of the year being a very busy time for most people. To allow people time to recharge for the next year and spend more time with their families over the holidays, employers should consider allowing more flexibility in the workweek when possible. 

Like most of us, the pandemic changed the way we think about work at Humi, and we knew the 40 hour work week wasn’t cutting it anymore. That’s why we made the decision to introduce longer weekends. Every Friday, we close our computers at 1:00 PM, allowing our people more time to focus on what matters most to them. If you’re interested in joining the future of work with us, we put together an e-book to help you launch the four day work week at your company (checklist included). 

Above all else, know how your team likes to be recognized

Great recognition programs – whether annual, monthly, or ad-hoc – are rooted in the knowledge of how people prefer to be recognized. While a company-wide recognition may sound ideal to one team member, it may cause anxiety or demotivate another. 

No matter how you’re choosing to celebrate your team this year, make sure your managers are set up for success by checking in on how departments are performing, recognizing and rewarding great work and outstanding behaviours. A tailored approach will send your team off into the holiday season with a sense of accomplishment and appreciation, getting them excited for what’s to come in the new year.

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