Privacy Policy for Humi Business Insurance

This Privacy Policy sets out principles and practices of Humi Inc. (“us”, “our”, “we”), with respect to the handling of the personal information our customers (“you”, “your”).  As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting your personal information, we have adopted a Privacy Policy, which is based on the privacy principles set out in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) as well as applicable provincial privacy laws.

Our Commitment to You

Respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information is an important part of how we do business. Regardless of how the services we offer expand and the technology we use changes, we remain committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. This Privacy Policy is part of our commitment to ensure that all personal information in our possession is protected and used in accordance with the law. This Privacy Policy is subject to changes from time to time.  Please ensure that you review this Privacy Policy regularly.

Your Personal Information

“Personal information” is defined as information about an identifiable individual, or information that allows an individual to be identified.  This is a very broad definition and may encompass most types of information held about an identifiable individual such as race, medical, criminal, employment and financial history.  It can also include an identifiable individual’s address, personal telephone number, date of birth, family status, marital status, occupation, driver’s license, driving record information, mortgage and loan details, previous insurance experience, claims history, driving record, policy number and vehicle identity number.

Personal information does not, however, include business contact information such as an employee's name, title, business address, telephone number or email address that is collected, used or disclosed solely for the purpose of communicating with that person in relation to their employment or profession.  This Privacy Policy does not apply to de-identified data that is not about an identifiable individual.  We retain the right to use such de-identified data in any way that we determine appropriate.

Safeguarding Personal Information

Confidentiality is a priority for us, and we have established appropriate measures to safeguard the privacy of the personal information contained in your file.  ****We use up-to-date technological tools (i.e. passwords, encryption, firewalls and security updates) to protect personal information.

Our Partners

For the purpose of providing you with certain products and services, we work together with the following partners (collectively, "Partners"), and we may collect your personal information from, or disclose your personal information to, them in accordance with this Privacy Policy:

  • insurance companies with whom we place insurance policies on your behalf;
  • insurance brokers who may provide insurance advice to you about our products and services;
  • sponsoring associations or organizations that you may be a member or part of, which sponsor our insurance programs;
  • third party services providers who help us process your information or involved with processing an insurance claim on your behalf;
  • advertising, marketing and communications providers who help us promote our products and services to you; and
  • financial institutions, medical advisors, public health authorities and other third parties with whom we deal in issuing and administering your insurance.

This Privacy Policy only applies to personal information that we collect, use and disclose, and does not apply to personal information that is collected, used or disclosed by any of our Partners.  We are not responsible or liable for the privacy practices, content, or activities of any of our Partners. We strongly recommend that you review the privacy policies that are applicable to our Partners before you disclose any personal information to them.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Information

We may collect personal information about you from you or from other sources such as our Partners, other third parties to whom you gave consent, and public sources such as government agencies or internet sites. **** We collect, use and disclose your personal information for the purposes below, which include allowing us and our Partners:

  • To provide and administer the products and services you request;
  • To communicate effectively with you about the products and services you request;
  • To develop and maintain our relationship with you, including inviting you to comment on the services we provide to you;
  • To process your application or quote for services;
  • To approve transactions;
  • To verify your identity and the information you provide in order to protect against errors and fraud;
  • To verify your eligibility for certain services;
  • To perform analytics which may help us to understand, improve or customize your experience with our products and services;
  • To perform analytics which may help us to understand, improve or develop existing and new insurance-related products and services;
  • To anonymize or de-identify the information;
  • For testing, such as when updating systems or ****evaluating existing or potential Partner relationships;
  • For data processing, website administration or information technology support;
  • To respond to inquiries about your application, account, insurance policy or any other business that you have with us;
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements; and
  • For any other purpose as set out in this Privacy Policy, or that you have consented to separately.

To Whom We Disclose Your Personal Information

Subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy, we may disclose your personal information to our Partners or as required by law. We make reasonable efforts to ensure that all of our Partners have privacy policies and security measures in place that conform to our high standards. When we disclose personal information, we only provide as much personal information as is required to fulfill the purpose for which the personal information is being disclosed. In order to provide you with the services you have requested, we or our Partners may transmit or store your personal information outside of Canada, and it may therefore be subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.

Your Consent

By applying [(even if your application is declined)] or requesting an offline and/or online quote [(even if your quote is not fully processed or withdrawn)] for any of the products or services we offer, or by accepting, using, or continuing to hold any such product or service, you consent and agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.  ****For more information on refusing or withdrawing your consent, please see the section ‘Our opt-out policy’, below.

Our Opt-Out Policy

You have the option to refuse, or to withdraw, your consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information as follows:

  • You may choose not to provide certain personal information to us.
  • You may, with reasonable written notice, withdraw your consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, subject to any legal or contractual restrictions.
  • You may withdraw your consent for us to use your personal information to provide you with promotional offers from us or from our Partners for other service or product offerings, excluding those provided to you via standard mail with your statements. Some of the personal information we request is necessary in order to provide the product or service you have requested. If you withhold or withdraw your consent, please be advised that we may not be able to provide you with certain products or services and that certain products or services may need to be terminated as a result of such withdrawal.

Accessing Your Personal Information

You can ask to review the personal information we have about you in our files.  Requests must be made in writing and sent to us at the address below by fax, email, or letter.  We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.  We may ask you to provide enough information that would enable us to locate your personal information and determined how it has been used or disclosed.  For example, we may need to verify your identity.  If we are unable to provide you with access to your personal information, we will provide reasons for our inability to do so in writing, unless we are prohibited from doing so by law.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

Privacy Officer

Humi Inc

207 Queens Quay W, suite 400

Toronto, ON M5J 1A7

Toronto, ON M5J 1R7