What’s the Humi Partner Program?

Like you, we believe HR is an essential function for any business. Our partners recommend companies to use our software to save time on the tactical and administrative side of HR to focus on what's most important, their people.

At the same time, our clients are looking for help in setting up best-practices. That's where you come in. The Humi Partner Program rewards you with a range of benefits: recurring referral bonuses, new business for you, features in our content, awards, the chance to shape our product, and more. Our goal is mutual success. Nothing less.

Become a partner

Get connect with potential clients.

As a Humi partner, your practice will be listed in the Humi partner directory and will be noticed by thousands of potential new clients.

Level up to get even more benefits.

As you continue to recommend Humi, your business will be shown more to clients and you'll get access to even better rewards. The more clients you have on Humi, the faster you'll grow your practice.

Let’s partner up to build the future of work, together.
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