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Zap in! What’s this integration all about? 

Zapier allows you to connect Humi to 5,000+ apps to integrate, automate, and optimize your workflows. With Zapier, you can enable data in Humi to be automatically shared in apps like Google Sheets, Asana, and Hubspot, instead of manually exporting and importing data – saving time and headaches, with no coding required. 

Want to add approved time off requests as Google Calendar events? How about announcing new employees as a post in a Slack channel? Configure these automatic workflows and more through Zapier.

How Zapier works with Humi

A connection in Zapier is called a Zap. Zaps consist of a trigger, which is an event in Humi, and an action, which is a task that Zapier performs in another app of your choice. For example, if you wanted to add a new employee’s information into a Google Sheet, you would set up the Zap as following:

  • Trigger: Each time a new employee is added into Humi.
  • Action: Their information is populated into a new Google Spreadsheet row.

Discover our supported triggers and actions in Zapier and get started with pre-configured Zap templates here.

Some technical tidbits

You know our goal here at Humi is to continue to help you streamline your HR processes so that you can spend more time taking good care of your people. We’re excited to take this up a notch with our Zapier integration. Here are some technical goodies to know: 

  • The direction of data flow is one way from Humi to other apps, making it seamless to export information from Humi to your favourite programs and platforms. 
  • The sync frequency between Humi and Zapier is immediate, meaning once your Humi information is updated, the Zap will be triggered.

How to start Zapping

Learn how to enable Zapier in your Humi account with step-by-step instructions in our Support Library.

Frequently asked questions

How does my payroll information show up in Xero after I’ve run payroll in Humi?

It will show up as either a journal entry or an accounts payable invoice (bill), depending on how you set up the integration.

What do I need to do to set up this integration?

In Humi, turn on the integration from Settings > Integrations. Full step-by-step instructions can be found here.

Do I have to export payroll information to Xero each time I run payroll in Humi?

No. Once Humi and Xero are connected, each time you run payroll on Humi, this information will automatically be sent to Xero.

How do I direct payroll income types to specific Xero accounts?

When you connect Xero in your Humi account, you’ll be brought to an Account Mapping page to map your income types, benefits and deductions to the Xero accounts of your choosing. Once these are set up, your payroll line items will be mapped to your Xero accounts as an accounts payable invoice each pay run.

Can I get any discounts/deals if I don’t have Humi or Xero yet?

If you aren’t a client with Humi yet, book a demo with us to receive a custom price point.

Not yet a client of Humi?