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Seamless transition.

Easily switch to Humi any time of the year, regardless of your renewal date. We can guarantee it’s a seamless process. 

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Give your employees additional perks from health, legal, and financial providers, at exclusive prices.

All-in-one experience.

Unify your benefits, HR, and payroll tools to minimize your data duplication tasks, and give employees easy access to their benefits documents right within the Humi platform.

Gain all the benefits of Humi, while keeping your current plan.
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How it works:
Sign an AOR Appointment Letter.
We'll prepare an Agent of Record (AOR) Appointment Letter for you to sign - this document lets your current insurance advisor and carrier know that you're planning on moving the representation of your benefits plan to Humi. We’ll send the letter off on your behalf.
Grace period – wait 5-10 business days.
Depending on the carrier, there is typically a 5-10 day grace period to provide notice and make the changeover.
Boom. You're with Humi!
Humi becomes your new advisor. Your employees won’t notice any disruption, and you will simply begin working with the Humi team for your benefits needs.
“Humi offered to compare our current plan with what they could provide and it became obvious that by switching to Humi we could save a ton of money [$32,200 annually] and it would be less work for us.”

Amande James

Director of HR, Trillium College

Frequently asked questions

Will moving to Humi Benefits make my plan more expensive?

No, moving to Humi Benefits won’t make your plan more expensive - it will stay at the same price, for the same amount of coverage. If you are open to new plans, our benefits advisors have a track record of moving companies to new plans that provide the same coverage (or more) at an even lower cost.

Will it be hard to move my plan to Humi Benefits?

Not at all! We’ve been moving companies over to Humi from existing plans for quite some time and can guarantee that it’s a seamless process. We do all the heavy lifting.

What do I need to provide to get a quote?

If you’ve never had a benefits plan before, we’ll need some basic demographic information on your team (birth dates, occupations, hire dates, etc.). If you currently have a benefits plan, we’ll require a few more details on your current plan and pricing.

How many employees do I need to set up a plan?

Most plans require three employees, but we have options for businesses of all sizes.

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Book a call and tell us a bit about your company.
We’ll learn about your current coverage, objectives, and will conduct an analysis based on its comparison against the market offerings.
We’ll discuss whether your current plan can be transferred to Humi or if we want to explore different plans.
We’ll onboard you to Humi with your chosen plan.
We’ll adapt your plan as your team grows.