Humi vs. BambooHR — Why we win:

We're built for Canadian businesses like yours.

We know why you’re here, so we won’t beat around the bush: we win against BambooHR because we’re dedicated to the Canadian market –  which means you can have your Canadian payroll, HR, and benefits all in one platform.

(If all you’re looking for is a comparison chart, you can find that here.)
Why people choose us over BambooHR:
We run payroll in Canada.

Canadian businesses need Canadian payroll – something we offer, but BambooHR doesn't.

In-house Canadian benefits brokerage.

We provide benefits to Canadian businesses –and, you guessed it, BambooHR doesn't.

We provide great value.

In most cases, we do what BambooHR does at a better price, so you get great value.

"We liked BambooHR’s interface but what immediately captured our interest was the fact that Humi is Canadian and understands Canadian business needs. It also helped that Humi’s UI is designed so beautifully. There was no doubt about it – Humi was the clear winner for all of us."


Director of Culture and Digital Solutions, Encepta

We run payroll in Canada.

It’s just that simple: we run payroll in Canada, and BambooHR doesn’t (they only serve the USA). Plus, with our Managed Payroll offering, our certified experts can help you with everything payroll, from audits to full payroll setup and execution.

We have an in-house Canadian benefits brokerage.

We’re ready to help you find great benefits plans in the Canadian market because that’s what our team is built for. And, with Benefits Plus, you get an integrated benefits management experience with Canadian carriers (something BambooHR only offers to the USA).

We provide great value.

We try to be cost-effective while still providing great value with our plans, and more often than not, we’ll be more affordable than BambooHR. Plus, we charge in CAD whereas BambooHR charges in USD – so the price you see is the price you get.

Something to consider...

We get it, they’re a bigger company and they’ve been around longer. But if we can throw one more thought starter in here for you – while they were building their brand…well, we were focused on building a product with Canadian businesses in mind. You’re not an afterthought here at Humi.

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Humi BambooHR
Time off
Understanding of Canadian vacation pay laws
Vacation day carryover
Serves the Canadian market
Managed Payroll service
Benefits housed in same platform as HR and payroll
Built for Canadian market, with better plans and prices
Benefits Plus: service
Marketplace with exclusive pricing on additional health, legal, and financial providers
Time tracking
Track, approve, and report on hours worked
Create employee schedules Offered through Ameego
Integrates with major POS systems Offered through Ameego
Anonymous surveys, 1:1 reviews, flexible review formats