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Staff scheduling software

An integrated tool to easily manage your employee schedules.

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One-touch scheduling

Automatically create schedules in seconds, not hours.

Powerful mobile app

Enable staff to access and manage their work schedule.

Shift Swapping

Easily view and manage shift swap requests.

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Create an optimized schedule with one-touch scheduling.

Create staff schedules in minutes to free up hours of valuable time each week. Our scheduling system automatically incorporates employee information such as skill badges, availability, and time off requests, to build the perfect schedule, every time.

Enable staff to access and manage their work schedules.

Inform your staff of their shifts instantly with notifications in-app as soon as the schedule is published. With our mobile app, staff can access their schedule, request time off, and trade shifts any time. Work-life balance just got easier.

Shift trading just got easier.

Streamline shift swapping by empowering your employees to manage their shifts. Employees can view, post, and pick up available shifts in-app, and managers can approve or deny just as easily! Approved shift trades are updated in the schedule for accurate schedules, all the time.

Onboard employees directly into your HRIS, payroll, and scheduling

Say goodbye to double, or even triple, data entry by using Humi’s all-in-one platform. Once you onboard an employee in Humi, they are automatically added to our scheduling module. And if you're using payroll, they'll be automatically added there too.

Detailed reports, whenever you need them.

Dive into the numbers with key labour metrics such as hours worked, labour percentage, and cost per hour worked. We’ll calculate your labour costs for you so you stay within budget every week. Determine exactly where to adjust labour spending to maximize your return on investment and optimize staff scheduling.

“I’ve easily saved upwards of 15-20 hours each week from not having to cross-reference employee’s skills or certifications and availability.”

Jenny Baker @ Compass Group
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Powerful features to help you drive impact.
One touch scheduling tool will automatically create schedules in seconds, not hours.
Mobile punch in/out
Give employees the ability to punch in on mobile so you can get rid of your outdated technology.
Shift swapping
Manage employee shift requests with the click of a button.
Detailed reporting
Get the data you need, when you need it.
Email and text notifications
So your employees always get the message.
Skills badges
Filter employees based on certain criteria to ensure you only schedule the right people for the right shift.
Employee self-service
Give staff the ability to view schedules, request time off, change their availability, and more.
Manager self-service
See who’s in/out, manually sign in team members, change schedules, approve or deny requests, and more.
Available shifts
Give employees the ability to select shifts that fit their schedule.
Payroll exports
Export approved hours to all the most popular payroll systems.
POS integration
Use data from your POS to understand sales trends and inform your scheduling decisions.
Log notes
Keep track of anything managers or owners want within the shift log.
Automated sales forecasting
At the touch of a button, Humi will forecast your sales based on year-over-year trends.
Labour forecasting
Learn how to control your labour costs, by using the smart technology to set your schedules.
Comparison reporting
Breakdown key sales and labour metrics including sales, hours worked, labour percentage, and cost per hour worked both by department and by timeframe.
Multi-Store reporting
Review the labour performance of all of your stores and compare their performance at the click of a button.
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