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Brendan Philip
Delta Growth
“With Humi, we were able to build out strong, foundational HR practices like regular check-ins and performance reviews."
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360 degree reviews

Include employee's team, managers, and peers in performance reviews.

Flexible review structures

Build your own performance review structure.

Custom review templates

Build custom templates for your performance reviews.

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Send performance reviews that actually get done.

A smooth, seamless performance management system fitted with notifications and email reminders. Employees are accountable for performance assessment tasks so you can grow your team and boost employee engagement.

Keep a pulse on your team.

It's easy to get lost in the endless pursuit of building great HR policies and practices, while forgetting about the state of happiness and engagement in your team. A solid employee performance management system with tools like anonymous surveys and private feedback makes it easier – you'll gain a much better sense of how your team really feels at any given time.

Give feedback more than once a year.

Goodbye one-a-year reviews and poor employee performance management practices. Start focusing on continuous development instead of performance evaluation. Get the full picture of your employee’s behaviour and coach them based on observations and other team members’ feedback.

No more restrictive employee performance management templates.

Build customized employee performance management with flexible review structures, tailored to what you need. Go above and beyond the traditional manager-to-employee format – get feedback, assign reviews, and create goals from anyone in your company. We spy mentorship opportunities and talent management opportunities! 

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Get started with our evaluation and goal setting solution

Engage and develop your team with our employee performance tracking software. Drive valuable, lasting progress with 360 reviews, questionnaires, surveys, goal setting, two-way feedback, and more. With Humi, you’ll get everything you need to take your company and its people to the next level. Learn about how you can up your performance management by speaking with our team today.

Powerful features to help you drive impact.
Scheduled reviews and notifications
Schedule recurring reviews to stay on top of performance reviews.
Custom review templates
Build custom templates for your performance reviews.
360 degree reviews
Create reviews where an employee's team, managers, and peers can deliver feedback.
One-on-one reviews
Create reviews between an employee and their manager.
Team questionnaires
Create questionnaires for your team and get feedback.
Anonymous surveys
Collect feedback from employees anonymously.
Team and individual goals
Set goals for the team or for individual employees, and use them to evaluate performance.
Survey results summary
Analyze survey responses with a visual summary.
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