Humi is Canada's complete HR, Benefits, and Payroll solution. Digital employee onboarding, time off tracking, benefits integration, complete payroll, and more. HR system HR software Canada Canadian (Humi Inc, Humi HR, Humi RH).

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Develop your team to be the best they can be.

As we grow the Planswell team, Humi has been amazing at speeding along the onboarding process of new hires!
Isabella Parks, Planswell

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Performance Reviews that actually get done

Most often, Performance Reviews are an uncomfortable process without clear expectations laid out from the start, which makes assessment of performance tricky. With Humi, all aspects of Performance are beautifully integrated, from goals, to reviews, to feedback and more.

Keep a pulse on your team

It's easy to get lost in the endless pursuit of revenue and clients, while forgetting about the state of happiness and engagement in your team. With tools like anonymous surveys and private feedback, you'll gain a much better sense of your company's temperature at any given time.

Get advanced with Performance

Once you've mastered the basics, you'll want to up your game with advanced tools like 360 degree feedback. With managers reviewing employees, employees reviewing managers, and peers reviewing peers, you'll gain deep insights into how your teams are doing, and can then put real thought towards how to take action to optimize the team further.


Powerful features to help you drive impact.

Modern Performance

360 Degree Feedback

One on One Reviews

Anonymous Surveys

Team Questionnaires

Team and Individual Goals

Performance Scores

Give and Get Feedback

Flexible Review Structures

Custom Review Templates

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