Record of Employment

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Issuing an ROE 

To issue a record of employment (ROE), click on the “People” tab on the left-hand side. 

First, ensure the employee you'd like to issue an ROE for is properly terminated. After they've been terminated, select the “Status” column in the chart and check off the box labelled terminated. Here, you’ll view all your terminated employees. Click on a terminated employee you'd like to issue an ROE to. Then click on the 3 dot button, "more," at the right-hand corner. 

Submitting an ROE 

After you've entered the required information into the ROE, scroll to the bottom and select "Save." If you've completed a Primary Authorization form from Humi, you'll see the option to "submit" the ROE. If you click that, Humi will automatically file the ROE with Service Canada.

If you haven't completed the Primary Authorization form, you have two options. You can either download and submit it yourself or speak to your customer experience manager to help get you set up with the ROE submit option.