New Compensation & Tax Adjustments

Frequently asked questions

New Compensation 

Create a new compensation – In “Job & Pay,” click on “All Compensation.” Scroll down and click on the “+ Create” button. In the popup, select the compensation type from the dropdown, enter the rate, and choose the effective date of your new compensation.

Set up vacation pay – If your employee receives a percentage of their wages each period as vacation pay, then click on “+ Vacation” and enter the vacation percentage to apply to your employee’s gross salary.

Taxes & Exemptions

The default setting for all employees is to have the CCP & EI exemptions off. However, if the employee is EI exempt, you can toggle the button beside the option to on. 

Tax Credits 

If an employee is eligible for an additional tax credit that's above the basic personal amount, such as tuition credits, you can add that to payroll. Click on the dropdown button at the top right corner of the tax credit box, and click on the “+ Add” button to add another tax credit. 

Reminder: the payroll system automatically applies the necessary basic tax credit amount to every employee.

Additional Taxes to be Deducted (TD1) 

If the employee requests an additional tax deduction from their pay, you can enter the per period amount into this section.