Bank Account & Compensation


To access your employee’s bank account and compensation information, click on the header "Job & Pay." Here, you'll see their hire date, bank account information, and current compensation. 

Bank Account 

In the bank account section, employees can now update their banking information in Humi and have it be reflected in payroll.

Current Compensation 

When viewing your employee’s compensation, you'll now see the addition of vacation pay and payroll.

Vacation Pay - If you give your employees paid time-off, we encourage you to use our time-off module to track and accrue employee’s vacation days. However, if you have hourly employees or need to pay out vacation to an employee on each pay period, you can now input a percentage of vacation pay. The system will automatically calculate and pay an employee’s vacation earnings each period.

Payroll - You now can push an employee into payroll. During onboarding, you can either leave the employee off payroll, which is the default setting, or push them into payroll to be paid each period.

Remove - Once an employee has been on payroll and Humi has run a record, you won’t want to take those records away. Those records will impact your T4 summary at the year-end. To remove an employee from payroll, you’ll need to contact our support team.