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How to Submit Your T4 Summary (T619)


How to Submit Your T4 Summary

1. Log into Humi and go to Payroll > Records.

2. Click "Tax Forms".

3. Select ┅ on the T619 Form for 2019 and click "Download".

Note: The T619 is downloaded as an .XML file, which is the required format to upload on to the CRA's website. You may have trouble opening this file on your computer to view its contents. If you'd like to view its contents, you can use the T4 Summary in Humi.

4. Now, to file your T619 with the CRA, click on the “Internet File Transfer Option” on the left side of the screen, and we'll bring you to the CRA's website.

5. Make sure you have the checklist items that you see on their website, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “I Agree”.

6. Enter your CRA Account Number and Web Access Code. Then, click “Next”.

Note: While entering in the CRA account number use your 9-digit followed by your CRA program code and CRA reference number (most often 0001). For example, 123456789RP0001

Note: If you don’t have a Web access code, visit the link “Need a Web Access Code?” in the CRA’s online checklist.

7. Upload the T619 .XML file and click “Submit”.

Congratulations, you’re done! 😃