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How to Issue Employee T4s in Humi


With tax season coming around, Humi Payroll has your T4s and T4 Summaries (T619) ready to be filed. Below is a step-by-step guide to access, send, and download employee T4s.

How to Issue Employee T4s

1. Log into Humi and go to Payroll > Records.

2. Click "Tax Forms"

3. Click on the 2019 Tax Form to access your employee T4s and your T4 Summary (T619).

4. Click ┅ to view and send employee T4s. You can also download all employee T4s by clicking on “Download”.

5. Once you select “View” you’ll have access to all employee T4s to view, edit, download, and send.

6. To send to an individual, click the employee’s name and click "Send".

7. To send to all employees, click “Send T4 Emails”.

Note: If the employee is no longer at your company, and no longer uses their email address found in Humi, you'll need to download the PDF file and send it to them manually.