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Frequently Asked Questions


When is the last day to file my company's T619?
The last day of February.

What happens if I miss the deadline to file my T619?

The CRA charges $100 or the amount calculated according to the chart below, whichever is more:

Source: Canada Revenue Agency

Where do I file my T619?
You can file your T619 online here.

How do I get a web access code?
You can find more information on getting a web access code here.

I lost my web access code. What do I do?
You can find more information for a lost web access code here.

What is my CRA Account Humber?
Your CRA Account Number is the 9-digit number used in payroll to remit your taxes to the CRA, along with your CRA program code and CRA reference number. You can find this information in Humi by going to Company and scrolling down to Payroll Information. In the example below, your CRA number used to file your T619 is 12345678RP0001.

What happens to my T619 if I edit or amend an employee's T4?
Humi will automatically create an amended T619 to be inclusive of any updates you made to individual employee T4s.

When should I make an edit to a T4?
You can edit a T4 if the employee has not yet filed it with the CRA.

When should I make an amendment to a T4?
A T4 should be amended (create an amended version) if the employee has already filed it with the CRA.

What can be edited/amended on T4s in Humi?
All T4 items can be amended – employee name, SIN, address, and any amount the employee was paid in the given tax year.

Note: any adjustments made on the T4 will not update information on the employee's profile or payroll records.

If I adjust an employee T4s will that adjustment reflect in the employee's payroll records?
No, the T4 Editor feature in Humi Payroll will only change the actual T4 itself. We strongly encourage you note the adjustments in your records in order to reconcile the difference between the employee's payroll records and their final year-end T4.

I'm unable to open my T619 file. What do I do?
That's okay! The T619 file is downloaded as an .XML file, which is the proper format required by the CRA in order to upload the file onto their website. This file is not meant to be opened, viewed, or edited. You can make all the adjustments you need right in Humi.

How can I view my T4 summary?
You can view your T4 summary by going to Payroll > Records > Tax Forms > T4 Summary > View.