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Accurately tracking time and attendance to pay your employees on time, every time, just got easier thanks to the Humi and Voila integration. Combining two best-in-class software to give your employees a seamless pay period while freeing up more of your time is now within reach. Learn more.

Best-in-class meets all-in-one.

No more “you didn’t pay me for these hours” complaints from employees. With this integrated solution, your HRIS and payroll are tied to your time and attendance tracker so you can easily approve tracked hours and confidently pay your employees.

Precise time tracking for accurate pay, every time

Recruit talent

Use Humi’s applicant tracking system (ATS) to find and hire employees.

Onboard new team members

New employees digitally onboard in Humi and a Voilà! account is automatically created.

Track and approve time in Voila

Use Voilà! to manage end-to-end time tracking before payroll.

Pay your employees

Export approved hours from Voilà! in a CSV format and upload the file to Humi. Complete payroll in just three clicks.

Frequently asked questions

How does my payroll information show up in Xero after I’ve run payroll in Humi?

It will show up as either a journal entry or an accounts payable invoice (bill), depending on how you set up the integration.

What do I need to do to set up this integration?

In Humi, turn on the integration from Settings > Integrations. Full step-by-step instructions can be found here.

Do I have to export payroll information to Xero each time I run payroll in Humi?

No. Once Humi and Xero are connected, each time you run payroll on Humi, this information will automatically be sent to Xero.

How do I direct payroll income types to specific Xero accounts?

When you connect Xero in your Humi account, you’ll be brought to an Account Mapping page to map your income types, benefits and deductions to the Xero accounts of your choosing. Once these are set up, your payroll line items will be mapped to your Xero accounts as an accounts payable invoice each pay run.

Can I get any discounts/deals if I don’t have Humi or Xero yet?

If you aren’t a client with Humi yet, book a demo with us to receive a custom price point.

Not yet a client of Humi?