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Meet our team of Humigo Engineers

We’re a team of ambitious, collaborative engineers who are looking to revolutionize the world of HR software. 

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We work together in cross-functional teams

There’s always opportunities to share different perspectives and thoughts. Beyond working alongside other engineers, we also work cross-functionally with teams like product design, QA automation, DevOps, and product management. 

We own our work

Humi engineers have the space to innovate and try new approaches that would improve efficiency, scalability, and stability of the platform. With an autonomous work environment, we encourage our team to build the right thing fast and fail quickly.

Keep growing with Humi

Growth mindset is key – we’re proud to offer an educational budget for books, courses, and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to try new languages and technologies, get coaching and mentorship, and build things from scratch.

Revolutionize the HR industry

Our team sees this as an opportunity to be a leader in modernizing the HR industry. We’re adopting cutting edge development practices that allow us to move fast and deliver higher quality solutions.

Leaders in tech

Developers have the opportunity to level up their skills and try new things: from frameworks and libraries to deployment tools and system monitoring. We're always looking for new technologies that can help us move faster, build better, and create amazing solutions for our clients.

Meet our team

“Our Engineering team here at Humi has been a great source of learning and career growth for me! I’ve been able to work with many different aspects of engineering and business, and feel that I’m continuously improving. To top it off, there’s an amazing work culture here that encourages a good work life balance!”
Software Developer Senior Software Developer
“I've been working at Humi for over a year and half now and it's been a great place for me in terms of career growth and learning new skills from a supportive team. We have a great work life balance and flexible work hours and great work culture.”
Software Developer
“I am excited about going to work every day. Great company to work at! They really care about the employees and it’s a fun atmosphere. The best part is having really great colleagues who are creative and always looking to help you succeed.”
Software Developer
“Autonomy, technical growth, work life balance, and engineering leadership.”
Software Developer
“Being around the most talented engineers who I can learn from and grow with, having a clear career path, and endless support from the team are just three reasons why I am proud of being on Humi's Engineering team.”
Engineering Lead
“Empowering teams to solve customer problems in new and innovative ways is one of the most exciting parts of the job. As a team, we’re able to iterate quickly and ship often because our team embraces new technologies and practices. We believe in enabling autonomy across teams and creating opportunities for feedback to ensure new perspectives and collaborative outcomes.”
VP of Engineering
“I like the collaborative environment at Humi. Decisions are made as a team and discussions are open. I also like that we are encouraged to experiment with new ways of doing things.”
Senior Software Developer
“The culture is amazing. People are encouraged to speak their minds and have the freedom to be themselves. I also really like the fact that everyone can take serious ownership and pride in their work.”
Software Developer

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