Congratulations! You’ve hired the right people, now what? One of the first major challenges of being an entrepreneur is building the right team around you... and then paying them!

We hear you. Processing payroll can be stressful. When managing employee payroll records, tax documents, personal data, compensation structure, benefits, deductions, to name the least, you need to capture this information accurately and on a timely basis. On top of that, you need to keep up with ever-changing government rules and regulations. Any mistakes can result in a fine or penalty.

Have no fear! Humi’s here.

We’ll take you through the steps to set up payroll in Canada to help you cut down the time and costs it takes to get up and running. We’ll explore how to set up your payroll, what payroll deductions you’ll need, and when and how to remit deductions. We’ll also delve into one of the most important debates surrounding payroll – whether it should be processed in-house or outsourced, followed by what you should be looking for in a cloud-based service provider.

Your journey to making smart payroll decisions starts here!

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