Whether you’ve chosen your payroll service to be in-house or outsourced, you’ll want to consider initiating your HR initiatives through a cloud-based service provider. As we all know, payroll can be a complicated task. With the help of a cloud-based service provider, you’ll be able to efficiently organize and clarify your operations.

When selecting a cloud-based software, here are some things you’ll want to consider:


Most payroll services automatically calculate how much employees are paid each pay period. Does it calculate CRA remittances and benefits deductions?

Ease of use

Is it full service? Will there be a person to communicate with directly? Having someone to speak with will assist greatly in transitioning to a new service and maintaining high satisfaction among employees at your company.


Are employees able to view pay stubs, check paid time-off, balances and T4 forms? Does the service issue Records of Employment?

Mobile access

As we move towards a digital workplace, the ability to check information on mobile phones will resonate well, especially with younger employees.


If you’re using HR software, how well do the two systems work with each other?

Data security

Running payroll requires a high level of security. Ask about encryption standards, SSL certificates, and authentication steps.


Do your research and look for testimonials. Many websites inform you about different payroll services in the market. Better yet, speak to clients so you can get a first-hand review of the service.


Does the software provide additional services that meet all your HR needs? For example, does it have the ability to track employee time off, onboarding, performance reviews and more?

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