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HR Doc Downloads

Provided by Humi and Hummingbird Lawyers LLP.

ⓘ   About our documents

We've partnered with Hummingbird Lawyers LLP to offer you up-to-date legal documents for your compliance, policy, performance, and employment-related needs. Check back here for updates to our templates and the employer law blog for the latest developments in employment law.


Dress Code Policy

A template to help your workplace maintain its professional image, culture, environment and standard...
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Independent Contractor Agrmnt.

A complete, compliant, and binding legal document to use with any independent contractors your busin...
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Security & Use of Information

A complete, compliant, and binding legal document to use with employees, usually during onboarding, ...
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Confidential Info Policy

A policy to help your organization deal with confidential information in a secure and organized way....
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Confidentiality Agreement

A confidentiality agreement is designed to help your organization protect itself from employees shar...
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