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We've partnered with Hummingbird Lawyers LLP to offer you live legal documents - updated monthly - for your compliance, policy, and employment-related needs. Check back here for updates and the employer law blog for the latest developments in employment law.


Improper Conduct Warning

Ensure that you document verbal warnings to your workers regarding improper conduct through the use ...
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Performance Warning Letter

Properly document an employee's poor performance in order to prepare your organization for further d...
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Workplace Harassment Invgtn.

This template may be used for guidance in investigating workplace harassment incidents or complaints...
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Workplace Violence Report

Help ensure that the proper procedures are in place for reporting an incident of workplace violence ...
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Final Release and Indemnity

A final release form for terminated employees to sign, which helps to protect your company against f...
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Termination Without Cause

A letter template which can be used to assist with employee terminations without cause....
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