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Why Skylight’s COO chooses Humi as their people operations software

Inplemented Humi since 2017
Employees 100-300
Location San Francisco, US and Toronto, Canada
Industry Technology, Construction
Humi product lines

The challenge

Originally headquartered in San Francisco, Skylight is a technology company that delivers ideal home renovation experiences. When the company scaled to open up to the Canadian market, its Co-Founder and COO, Fiona Lake Waslander knew it was time to buy a software to manage their people operations in Canada.

Before founding Skylight, Fiona held executive positions in various corporations and understood the value of having their HR data organized. “You want to have all your ducks in a row. HR isn’t something to cheap out on”.

The solution

When looking for a system, her main requirement was to have HR, payroll, and benefits together. “I wanted one place where everything’s integrated, an all-in-one, without it being a heavy system.”.

She discovered Humi through her Canadian founder network and knew Humi’s all-in-one was the right fit for her business.


Since moving their people operations to Humi, Fiona no longer worries about tedious HR work. “Humi’s all-in-one saves us so much hassle. It’s allowed us to grow to the scale that we’re at, without having to hire a big HR department.”

“We save so much time and money, especially when you think about the time someone would have spent to do all the tedious administrative work that Humi does for us.”

Humi became especially useful when it came to investor due diligence. “We’ve gone through two big rounds of financing, and they’ve always asked for a lot of information. Companies need to have that information at their fingertips.”

“Humi’s all-in-one saves us so much hassle. It’s allowed us to grow to the scale that we’re at, without having to hire a big HR department.”

Here are Fiona’s last words of advice for those who are considering investing in a people software: “If you’re a company who wants to grow, it’s much easier to start with a tool early-on and embed it into how you operate as a company. It’s really a small investment for what you get out of it.”

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Founder & CEO of Holm & Company Inc.
We recommend Humi as the HRIS for all of our clients. Our entire team loves the product – it makes launching a new system to our clients easy and seamless. On top of that, they are constantly improving and upgrading the features so we spend less time worrying about the admin side of things, and more time on strategic HR!
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