Easily set up an employee health savings account (HSA) for your business.


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Say hello to high-tech, with a human touch.

Despite bringing a new spin to the employee benefits industry, Humi works hard to retain the human touch that brokers have built their businesses on for decades. Your Humi benefits team will be there for you at every step of the way, ensuring that you get the right coverage and perks for your people.

Stefani Milenkovski, Benefits Experience Manager

Offer a flexible package your employees will love.

Calling all Canadian employers: don’t just offer a typical benefits plan to your full-time employees. Make sure it’s a benefits plan that they will love, with the dental plan and health insurance (e.g. prescription drugs, medical expenses, etc.) they value. With all the new and emerging trends in employee benefits, we will keep your offering to employees ahead of the curve with leading-edge solutions so that your compensation package is one that candidates can't refuse.

Unify your group benefits with HR & payroll

Once you’ve unified your HR, Benefits, and Payroll, it’s hard to imagine how you ever lived with them separated. From enrollment and deductions impacting payroll to hiring and firing impacting enrollment, it's common sense that these three systems should speak. With Humi's All-In-One, now they do.

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There’s no conflict of interest.

Because we’re not tied to one carrier, we’re hyper-focused on getting you the best plan at the lowest cost.

Give your employees additional perks, without breaking the bank.

We know that you'd love to give your employees the best perks, but budgets can be tight. That's where the Humi Marketplace comes in. Humi clients have access to exclusive pricing from our health and wellness partners, including Willful, Common Wealth Retirement, Inkblot Therapy and more. Learn more.

There won’t be any bad surprises at renewal.

It's our job to save you money today – and in the following years. We'll make sure that your company has a benefits plan that won't cause a spike in cost at your annual renewal.

Built for Canadians by Canadians

Humi was built specifically to meet the needs of Canadian businesses.

Everything's all in one

Skip the hassle of spreadsheets and multiple platforms. Humi is your hub for all employee data.

More than just a software

We educate and help you implement the best HR, payroll, and benefits practices to keep your employees happy and productive.